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Clear Correct Braces

Do you have misaligned, crooked, or disfigured teeth? Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth? Are you scared of getting metal braces because of how ugly they look? If so, ClearCorrect braces may be exactly what you need.

At URBN Dental Uptown , we offer some of the best Clear Correct braces that can transform your smile. Please continue reading for a discussion of what is Clear Correct and how the ClearCorrect treatment works.

What is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is one of the best alternative option to traditional metal braces or orthodontic treatments. These are completely clear and transparent aligners that are worn on your teeth so they gradually apply pressure to your teeth and move them in the desired direction. There are no metal brackets so they’re completely comfortable and they also work a lot faster than traditional metal braces.

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ClearCorrect Treatment

Clear Correct aligners are transparent aligners made of a thermoplastic material. You have to wear them on your teeth and they’re removable at will. A Clear Correct retainer doesn’t come with any wires or other forms of restrictions. During the Clear Correct treatment, the orthodontist will create a set of different transparent aligners for different stages in the Clear Correct procedure. You’ll have to wear a new set of ClearCorrect aligners every 2 weeks so they continue applying pressure on your teeth, thereby moving them in the correct direction. As you go through the various stages, the ClearCorrect aligners will start applying more pressure until all of your teeth are perfectly even and straight. Each set of Clear Correct transparent aligners last for approximately 2 weeks but you have to wear them for at least 22 hours per day to ensure they are effective.

What are the Advantages of Teeth Alignment Treatment?

Teeth alignment treatment has a number of advantages and it may be seriously necessary. Most people consider getting Clear Correct if they have misaligned teeth that makes them self-conscious of their smile.

You need to go for teeth alignment treatment in the following situations.

  • Malocclusion: The greatest advantage of teeth alignment treatment is that it helps with malocclusion. This is a condition in which you have misaligned teeth and it affects the way your jaws and teeth develop. This prevents the upper and lower parts of your teeth from meeting correctly. This can be unattractive and it can also impede the way you talk or eat. Serious misalignment of teeth can also lead to other issues like slurring of speech, sensitive teeth, grinding, migraines, etc. Since your teeth aren’t properly aligned, some of them come under greater stress than others.
  • Overbite: In the perfect set of teeth, the upper and lower set of teeth should meet evenly in the middle when you clench your teeth. But when you have an overbite, the upper teeth fall over or hood the lower teeth. As such, this can harm the lower teeth and the lower teeth can also scratch and harm your soft tissues and gums. Clear Correct aligners, in this case, can push them in the correct direction and fix an overbite.
  • Overcrowding: If you have a narrow jawline, you may not have enough space in your mouth to accommodate all of your teeth. In that case, your teeth may be overcrowded so the dentist may have to either remove some teeth or use Clear Correct aligners to position them correctly.
  • Protruding Front Teeth: In this case, the front and upper teeth will stick out further than the rest, which can result in a tooth smile. Clear correct aligners can help push them back so they’re aligned with the rest of the teeth.

These are just some of the many ways in which teeth alignment treatment and ClearCorrect can help you. However, transparent aligners can also help with other dental issues like a reverse bite, spacing issues, and other problems.

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What are the Benefits of Invisible Braces?

The following are some of the greatest benefits of invisible braces compared to traditional braces.

  • Attractive: Invisible braces are clear aligners that aren’t visible to anyone else. So you don’t have to worry about metal brackets or braces sticking out of your teeth. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing braces unless they look closely.
  • Removable: Transparent aligners can easily be removed. Traditional metal brackets can only be removed by dentists and they get stained and yellowed whenever you eat something. But with Clear Correct, you can simply remove them, eat, rinse your mouth, and then wear them again.
  • Comfortable: ClearCorrect aligners are also extremely comfortable because there aren’t any wires or complicated devices. After a while, you don’t even realize you’re wearing them.
  • Effective: Traditional braces take 1 to 3 years to work. Compared to that, ClearCorrect takes around 6 months to 18 months to work, which makes it far more reliable and effective.

Cost of ClearCorrect

The cost of ClearCorrect is, on average, $5,000. However, the cost may range from $1,850 to $5,500 depending on the condition of your teeth. This is the overall cost of transparent aligners, including all of the sets you’ll have to wear throughout the ClearCorrect treatment. You should discuss the exact cost of ClearCorrect with your dentist.

What are the Alternative Options to Metal Braces?

ClearCorrect is one of the best alternative option to metal braces. It’s a lot more comfortable, effective, and it’s completely transparent so no one else can see it clearly, which makes it far more effective as well. If you’re self-conscious about your teeth or are uncomfortable with metal braces, then you should definitely go for ClearCorrect transparent aligners.

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At URBN Dental Uptown , we examine your teeth and create the perfect set of transparent aligners that can enhance the quality of your smile in a relatively low period of time. For more information, please schedule your ClearCorrect procedure today.